Gypsum 3D panels

Choose a design that will change your interior.

3D decorative panels are the perfect solution for all kinds of interiors. Break the monotonous look of your plain walls with Alivio panels. Alivio Collection, which is constantly being developed by specialists in interior design, will bring unusual character to every interior. We are aware of the fact how demanding interiors can be and how much creativity they require, that is why we started cooperation with team of designers.

Our Products are an inspiring source not only for architects and interior designers, but also for you.

Stripes 600х600 mm

Polygonal 600х300 mm

Adamant 600х435 mm

Linea 600х600 mm

Velum 600х600 mm

Rails 600х600 mm

Pixel 600х600 mm

Mosaic 600х600 mm

Leaves 600х600 mm

Briz 600х600 mm

Dune 600х600 mm

Welle 600х600 mm

Rock 1000×500 mm

Infinity 630х550 mm

Rock mini 600х300 mm

Origami 600×150 mm

Puzzle 600×400 mm

Diamonds 600х300 mm

Grand 300×300 mm

Loft 600×295 mm

Smart 600×600, 300х300 mm

Trance 328×288 mm

Nexus 600×380 mm

Hexagon 328×288 mm

Stone 215×245 mm

Hexa 215×245 mm

Sota 328×288 mm

Triangle 600x600x600 mm

Piramide 480x480x480 mm

Trigon 170x170x170 mm

Prestige 600×250 mm

Deluxe 600×250 mm

Levin 600×345 mm

Crystal 600×600 mm

Classic 600×600 mm

Flower 600×600 mm

Shallow 1000×700 mm

Rectangles 300×300 mm

Decorative brick

Alivio is the world of bright interior design and incredible embodiment of the creative ideas.

Our company is one of the leading companies on the Ukrainian market producing gypsum 3D panels.

3D wall panels for interior are a new dimension in decor and new design decisions. They will give to your walls a unique appearance and emphasize your identity.

Gypsum 3D panels Alivio are one of the last development in interior decor. Unostentatious figures on the surface of a panel will allow you to create atmosphere of harmony and order in the interior of your house. Panels will be ideal while designing premises (living rooms, nurseries, halls, bedrooms, home theaters), and commercial places (bars, restaurants, cinemas, offices, concert halls, conference halls, the museums, banks).

We demonstrate you one of the latest decisions of interior decoration — ornamental 3D gypsum panels for finishing board. This method is a new dimension in the direction of interior design which benefits cold and plane finishing materials according to the characteristics. Variety of texture and possibility of different coverings and colors, will help you apply, environmentally friendly 3D gypsum panels, for implementation of any design and your creative ideas in transformation process of any interior.

Each finishing material must possess qualitative characteristics, in other case you should not spend money on it. 3D panels appeared on the market of construction materials a long time ago and already occupied the top place. Such panels help to create originality and a coziness of any interior. But the most widespread 3D panels at the moment are gypsum ones, and for this reason it is important to know what characteristics they must correspond. The most important parameter is environmental friendliness of panels made of gypsum as they do not produce toxins and damaging for health substances. Also, such panels possess a long life-cycle as they can be updated, repainted and restored without harm to the print. Gypsum panels are famous for the fact that they turn out to create the most dimensional picture due to their good elasticity.

Gypsum 3D panels are used in case of design creation of:

  • premises (libraries, living rooms, chimney, home theaters, nurseries, bedrooms, etc.);
  • restaurants, cafe, bars, clubs, casino;
  • shopping centers, shops, boutiques, salons, commercial representations;
  • cinemas, television, drama schools, concert halls;
  • offices, conference halls, courts, libraries, schools, museums, airports, banks;
  • background for water compositions, winter gardens.

Gypsum 3D panels Alivio are the exceptional case for finishing material when the scope of application is unlimited. Material is easily mounted and does not require preliminary preparation of a surface, allowing to change the interior quickly. We are used that walls and a ceiling represent as plane surfaces. The use of dimensional 3D wall panels breaks common stereotypes and provokes absolutely another perception of space.

Initially decorative 3D panels have natural color materials of which they are made (the color of white gypsum). After mounting plaster products can be covered with paint and varnish compositions, trimmed with other decorative coverings, getting additional gloss or on the contrary opaque silkiness to the surface.

The developed technology opens a wide range of variations of reliefs and forms. Therefore, a big variety of design decisions is a primary benefit of the product. The forms offered by us are relevant and correspond to recent trends of world design. And together with it, we aim not only to expand the range, but also to provide space for solutions of finishing: to create material according to personal order so that your ideas acquired form of Alivio.

Gypsum 3D panels are remarkably suitable for any interior; the main thing is that the space allows it. They can be set on a wall where the TV set will be hung up, used as part of decoration of the central part of a wall in a drawing room and also laid out as a wall at bed headboard in the bedroom. Wherever you design them to be placed, the interior will surely change and will look originally. Thin, extraordinary beautiful lines in the represented texture of gypsum panels reminds much a wave, to others sandy dunes in the desert, and the third – currents of air. They can be colored according to your desire and preferences, close to the design of your location.

Advantages of 3D panels:

  • No smell.
  • Environmentally friendly product.
  • High flame resistance.
  • High protection level from radiation.
  • No material shrinkage.
  • Possibility of painting by a wide choice of materials.
  • Simplicity and ease of mounting.
  • Certified production.
  • Service life more than 50 years.
  • Modern custom design.
  • Wide range of application.
  • Personal custom-built design

Alivio panels are a wise choice to create a different and non-uniform atmosphere because they utilize a three-dimensional structure. Diversity of design, color and dimensions has made these panels applicable to different places such as departmental, commercial, residential, cultural and sports areas. These panels have been designed by sophisticated group in a way that satisfies anyone with any taste. The ingredients of these products are recyclable and eco-friendly. Using a different and seamless design, alivio 3d panels create an attractive and special place for you.

Gypsum is one of the oldest construction materials used by man. At Alivio Designs, we’ve been leveraging its outstanding physical and aesthetic qualities to create an optimal 3D panel, called Gypsum 3D wall panels, for interior walls decoration.

The construction of textures and presence of multiple angles in the 3D tile create a sense of depth in a wall.  This is supplemented by the feeling of animation in the reflected shadows of the exposed light. The combination adds dynamism to spice up the wall.

Manufacturing technology.

Gypsum 3D panels for walls of the trade mark “Alivio” is the embodiment of innovation. The production in Ukraine of this exclusive production began in the winter of 2012. Creating a production line based on the use of the latest German developments that allow to make unique gypsum panels for walls.

Gypsum 3D wall panels assortment

All products placed in our catalog are created on the basis of an exclusive copyright developments in the field of interior design. The surface of the rais gypsum 3D panel can be with volumetric and smooth geometric shapes, repetitive compositions (non-breaking picture at the whole wall), ornamental pattern, elements in the form of bas-reliefs and mosaics. It can also have the enlarged texture imitating stone, wood, vegetation, etc. When making a 3D wall panels different coloristic combinations and options to combine with other raised or flat surfaces can be used. Extensive design possibilities of using these products let you receive spectacular interiors – from warm romantic to controversial futuristic ones. The unique advantage of these panels is the ability to create a monolithic composition of different areas.

What is the difference between 3D wall panels Alivio and standard materials

  • Variety of shapes and colors. A wide range of versions of design allows you to decorate wall surfaces of the interior in any style – from classical baroque to eclectic and high-tech. An endless variety of color solutions of 3d wall panels allow you to turn your living space into a personal source of pleasant emotions.
  • Easy to install. Choosing a 3D raised panels for the walls, you can quickly and easily upgrade your interior. Some models do not even require to perform preliminary preparatory work. The opportunity to select from a wide range allows to exclude the cost of finishing refinement. 3D decorative panels Alivio are mounted in accordance with the instructions by suturing or seamless manner that preserves the integrity and allows to create a monolithic composition.
  • Compatibility with other decorative elements. Raised wall panels can be used as an independent decorative panels, as well as in combination with traditional materials for decoration. In order to create a 3D-effects they can be combined with the finishing wall coverings imitating leather, metal, stone, wood and other raised surface. Moreover in order to create exclusive designs, various versions of the backlight can be used.

We are always ready for cooperation and sure that our conditions will satisfy all three sides – you, us and the clients. We accept offers from shops, boutiques and everyone interested in the sale of our production through their own network.