Mounting of 3D panels

Gypsum 3D panels Alivio fit remarkably in any interior, the main thing is the amount of space. They can be set on a wall where the TV set will be hung up, decorate the central part of a wall in the drawing room and also laid out as a wall at a bed headboard in the bedroom. Wherever you invent to place them, the interior will surely change and look originally. Thin, extraordinary beautiful lines in the represented texture of gypsum panels remind many of us a wave, to others sandy dunes in the desert, and the third – currents of air. They can be colored according to your desire and preferences, close to the design of your location.

Mounting of decorative gypsum 3D panels Alivio

  1. Meter the walls to define the necessary quantity of panels across and vertically.
  2. Using laser or normal builder’s level, define ideal horizontal and vertical lines, mark them with a pencil.
  3. Treat the wall and the back of the panel with the primer of deep penetration.
  4. It is necessary to apply a solution or a glue, part of which is plaster (for example, KNAUF, “Satengips”, etc.) on wall sections where mounting of panels is supposed to be implemented, then put the panel to a wall, aligning on scheduled lines.
  5. The same way continue mounting of panels across, combining the print. To gain the effect of an integral wall, it is necessary to withstand minimum distance between the panels. Fill seams with a putty (for example, “KNAUF of Unifleets”), remove excesses with a wet sponge. To finish, follow up with a putty which is softer in operation, than plaster (for example, Tikkurila Presto LF – a repair putty). After the putty is dry minimize the roughness with a compact-grained emery paper.
  6. If the remained section of the wall does not match the panel size, saw off the necessary size of a panel using hacksaw with small-sized tooth. If necessary, smooth the edge with emery paper. The tile is easily processed. By means of a wood saw with small-sized teeth you will be able to saw a tile into necessary for you pieces. For sawing under given angles, it is possible to use a template for cutting. If necessary, edges of a tile can be brought to the necessary size by means of a stationery knife.
  7. Before painting process gypsum panels with primer of deep penetration.
  8. Panels are ready to painting which can be done by an airbrush or the roller. Panels can be painted in any color by acrylic, latex, water emulsion and also textured paints.

Gypsum 3D panels Alivio can be tinted if necessary, according to color gamma of interior, playing on the infinite diversity of shades. It is best of all to use opaque colors. Aqueous emulsion inks are more suitable for internal operations as they dry quickly and have no smell.


Correct lighting is one of key factors of your walls’ effectiveness.

If you want the greatest effect of volume, then we recommend to use light tones as they provide the greatest contrast between lit and shielded sections.

For achievement of the best results it is important to light a surface so that to achieve optimum play of light and shadow. Walls can be lit from top downward, from below-upward or across. Optimum angle of light falling is 13-20 degrees. For example, for a wall about 3 m high we recommend to set light sources on the ceiling at the distance of 400-500 mm from wall surface. The gained effect also depends on a model. Before determination of the final light sources we recommend to try several positions, selecting the most emphasizing extensionality of a panel. For a bigger effect it is possible to set a software-controlled LED lighting changing color.


The company does not bear responsibility for the negative result caused by work of unskilled experts or violation of

installation technique of panels. In the course of installation and also while choosing a basis for mounting and

fillings for seams, it is desirable to use the given recommended


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