The relief of decorative panels of the Dune series made up of soft three-dimensional waves resembles the sand dunes of the desert or the unhurried expanse of the ocean. This effect can be enhanced by painting the finishing material in a gradient – blue, turning into a deep blue, or light beige, poured into a dark gold. The design of 3D panels for walls will give the interior of your home a natural harmony, create in it an atmosphere of comfort, warmth and serene tranquility. They look great in both vertical and horizontal versions. To emphasize the smoothness and softness of the lines, you can use Briz in combination with decorative 3d panels from other series with a strict geometric pattern.

Decorative panels 3D Dune differ smooth bends and very beautiful texture. The design is designed in such a way that each line seems unique, and the repeatability of the panels is completely invisible to the eye. Finishing material is ideal for creating designs in high-tech or eco-style. The walls decorated with these panels resemble sandy waves of hot desert or light ripples on the smooth surface of the vast ocean.