The advantage of 3D panels Infinity is the simplicity and ease of installation, since they can be installed on any surface (drywall, plaster, putty). Fastening of the panels to occur with the help of adhesive for drywall, pre-wall need to be primed. It is also possible to mount decorative plates on the ceiling, only they need to be fixed with screws. The 3D panel is characterized by excellent impact resistance both before installation and after (similar to a plastered wall). Another important advantage is the ability to paint the panel with any kind of paint.

The main advantages of using 3D panels:

– original appearance and modern design;

– a large assortment of samples of textures and drawings;

– it is easy to choose the right panel shape for your interior;

– at any time you can repaint the decorative plate, and even use the technology of patinated or gilded;

– 3D panels are made only using the latest technologies and environmental materials;

– panel material is fireproof, does not absorb odors and is well protected from mechanical damage.