We present to your attention an exclusive solution for interior design – Origami series decorative 3D gypsum panels for wall decor. This approach opens the third dimension in the field of interior design, previously limited to the use of flat cold surfaces. The richness of color and texture solutions allows the use of eco-friendly gypsum 3D panels for the realization of any architectural tasks and creative ideas in the design of various premises. Gypsum 3D panels, if necessary, can be tinted in accordance with the color scheme of the interior, playing on an infinite variety of shades. It is best to use matte paint. Aqueous emulsion inks are well suited for interior work, as they dry quickly and are odorless.

The light, flowing design of the Origami panels can remind streams of waterfalls from Japanese watercolors of the past millennium. In the vertical version will make the ceilings visually higher, and the space – air.

Model Origami is designed for installation without grouting. This approach significantly speeds up the installation procedure, making it cheap and clean (without dust). Now, any person, without the help of specialists, will be able to independently make an installation. Since the seams are not rubbed, you can do the coloring before installation to create the effect of a smooth color transition or mosaic.