Ultra modern relief for bold designers. In it you can see a monolith of wild rock, or digital noise, depending on the background in which it appears. The design looks great both in non-residential space and in the apartment. Polygonal relief consists of two double panels 600×300 mm.
You can install both with grouting and without grouting – using tile crosses, according to the principle of tile

Each finishing material must have quality characteristics, otherwise you should not spend money on it. 3D panels have appeared on the building materials market for a long time and have already taken their top spot. Such panels help to create originality and comfort in any interior. But the most common 3D panels at the moment are considered to be gypsum, and that is why you need to know what characteristics they must meet. The most important parameter is the environmental friendliness of gypsum panels, since they do not emit toxins and harmful substances to health. Also, these panels have a long service life due to the fact that they can be updated, repainted and restored without harm to the drawing. Gypsum panels are famous for the fact that they make the most voluminous pattern due to good elasticity.

Designer 3D panels Alivio Polygonal Series.
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