Relief patterns, as if created by nature itself, are what attracts views to the Prestige’s gypsum 3D panels. The undulating volumetric lines will be the main focus in the interior, decorated in the style of hi-tech, minimalism or ecostyle. Prestige panels can be called universal: the walls, decorated by them, look great not only in residential areas, but also in SPA-salons, restaurants, hotels. With their help, you can arrange a reception area, a hall or a wall in the conference room. The panels can be painted in any color: to create a formal setting, a monotonous version is suitable, to give the interior even more originality you can use color transitions, for example, from dark to light shades. Laconic drawing can be supplemented with pictures, and the right lighting will make it even more expressive.

Design Prestige has exceptional tenderness. Let it flow in your interior and it will not leave anyone indifferent.
Note that to create a smooth, flowing wave, each next element must be mounted with a rotation of 180 degrees.

Alivio’s Prestige model is designed for installation without grouting. This approach significantly speeds up the installation procedure, making it cheap and clean (without dust). Now, any person, without the help of specialists, will be able to independently make an installation. Since the seams are not rubbed, you can do the coloring before installation to create the effect of a smooth color transition or mosaic.