Classic styled honeycomb design. The drawing, invented by nature itself, combines calm and restraint. The Alivio Stone Series three-dimensional hexagon gypsum 3D panels create an incredibly attractive effect and instantly transform a flat wall into a voluminous art installation. At the same time, more flat elements are needed in order to visually emphasize the difference in height differences of the decor.

The peculiarity of the Stone collection is that elements of the Stone, Hexa and Sota collection can be combined with each other, creating a unique relief.

Due to the ability to take a planned form, gypsum has long been used as stucco. Wall cladding products have expanded the range of possibilities of this natural material, giving him unprecedented success. The elegant spatial configuration drastically changes the design of the room for the better. Just imagine how impressive the kitchen “apron” will look like near the worktop, the head of the bed, the frame design of the bathroom mirror, the ceiling in the bedroom!