When creating the Alivio Trance series gypsum 3D panels, we were, as always, impressed by nature, or rather, by its phenomena and patterns, rather invisible to the eye, but known to the science that studies nature. The symmetrical pattern of the panel resembles Lobachevsky’s space with an axis and two divergent asymptotes — a space in which the lines never intersect. The concept of the panel is disclosed in three theses, three methods and ideas of prisoners in the work. “The thought determines the form!” – the main motivating idea of ​​the work. The creation of a relief (form) is influenced only by the thought and creativity of the creator who creates it. “A sea of ​​solutions!” – the panel gives unlimited solutions to the surfaces. Implemented the idea of ​​creating a single object with a number of application options that tend to infinity. “Let’s play Geometry!” Is the third idea. Game design or game approach to design. We suggest that you approach the creation of the relief on the wall as a game, charade, puzzle. You create the rules of the game, you decide them – a game with one participant and one winner, you are limited only by your creativity. Collecting a puzzle based on Trance can embody any variety of human tastes and desires. Alivio provides standard solutions and an infinite number of variations, which, coupled with different types of color, virtually removes the restriction in flight of fantasy.